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    second entry

    I was angry with myself for catching fright so easily.  There had been far worse to cope with in the past – although maybe it was good to be a bit wary in this place. The caravans had turned out to be harmless empty shells.  Other people had been and left, I couldn’t even find [...]

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    Articles of ABC news

    There’s a heap of articles on food, the city, etc, as part of ‘Hunger Pains’ on the ABC News website. The link is:

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    Aria Stone – Work in Progress

    This painting refers to a child-like view of one aspect of the Contested Landscapes issue. It seems like basic common sense that we would want to save our most fertile land for the purpose of growing food rather than for residential properties. I am inspired by a vision to build a healthy and sustainable future for our cities and to leave an intelligent legacy for generations to come.

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    Aria Stone ‘Contested Landscapes’ studies

    I have begun to get a sense of place through these watercolour and gouache studies on paper. I am currently thinking through ways of approaching the Contested Landscapes issues on canvas and other media. View a slide show of these works set to an original song, Corridors, here:

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    Luddenham Strawberry Creams Record

    Luddenham. Monday 29 March A record price was set last weekend for a giant strawberry from the Luddenham Fresh Strawberry Stall on Northern Road, Luddenham, Western Sydney. The record for the sale of a single strawberry of $150 was set after lengthy negotiations between veteran grower Mr Tony Gatellari and an avid strawberry enthusiast from interstate. [...]

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    Field Trip 2: Two Large Format Photographs

    Above: John Reid View from Enniskillen Orchard stall deck. (26.3.2010) Enniskillen Orchard, Grose Vale Road, nr North Richmond, NSW Above: John Reid Contested Landscape. View to West Hoxton. (27.3.2010) From Carnes Trig Point, nr Leppington, NSW Above: John Reid’s large format camera in position for early morning shoot of contested landscape at Carnes Trig Point near [...]

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    Work in Progress: Couplet 3 John Reid

    Community Hall. Grose Vale Community Hall. Bilpin

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    Annette Simpson ‘Contested Landscape’

    Annette Simpson  Contested Landscape 2010 Annette Simpson  Contested Landscape Detail  2010 (Dimensions and media will be posted soon)

  • I awoke near the bank of the river.

    first entry

    I awoke near the bank of the river.  Not too near.  Listening in the gloomy dark of the early morning my senses were heightened to the slightest sound or movement.  The sound of slow moving water filled the background and the rustle of wind through the dead leaves and branches.  My nostrils filled with a [...]

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    Field Trip 2 Wed 24 – Sun 28 March 2010

    John Reid Nepean River 2010 Digital photograph ‘The Contested Landscapes of Western Sydney’ Field Study Field Trip 2 will take place from Wednesday 24 March to Sunday 28 March, 2010. The Group will be based at the Avina Van Park, 217 Commercial Rd, Vineyard. John Reid, Field Study Field Co-ordinator, can be contacted on 0416 [...]