Field Studies hosts Land Arts: Part 1 Sydney to Kioloa Field Station

Sydney skyline from Sydney Airport, NSW

Professor Bill Gilbert, Senior Associate Dean for Research & Lannan Endowed Chair, Department of Art & Art History, University of New Mexico, is the founder of ‘Land Arts of the American West’, a semester long field studies program at the University of New Mexico <> and the new Art & Ecology discipline in the Department of Art & Art History at UNM <>

Bill Gilbert and John Reid, Co-ordinator, Environment Studio, and Convenor, Field Studies, ANU School of Art, are currently working on an artist exchange between UNM and ANU. Visiting the Field Studies program with Bill Gilbert during June 2011 are four Land Arts program graduates, Blake Gibson, Yoshi Hayashi, Joseph Mougel and Cedra Wood. Stage 1 of visit Sydney to ANU Field Station at Kioloa, NSW.

The first leg of the Land Arts visit took place from Thursday 2 June to Sunday 5 June. The artists headed south from Sydney, through the Royal National Park, down the Illawarra coastal escarpment via Bulli Pass, to Nowra and the Shoalhaven River, Ulladulla, Bawley Point and finally Kioloa, just north of Batemans Bay, NSW.

Photographs by John Reid unless stated otherwise.


Royal National Park, south of Sydney

Bulli Pass, South of Sydney . Blake, Yoshi, Cedra, Joseph and Bill

View from Bulli Pass looking south towards Wollongong, NSW

Beach at Shoalheaven Heads, NSW. Joseph, Cedra Yoshi.

Beach at Shoalheaven Heads, NSW. Joseph at work

Inlet, Shoalheaven Heads, NSW

Inlet, Shoalheaven Heads, NSW

Coastal vegetation, Shoalheaven Heads, NSW

Bill stalks pelicans, Shoalheaven Heads, NSW

Accommodation cottages, ANU Kioloa Field Station, Kioloa, NSW


Kioloa Field Station. Yoshi at work

Kioloa Field Station. Bill at work

Kioloa Field Station. Blake, Bill, Yoshi, Joseph, Cedra

Kioloa vegetation. Kioloa, NSW

Kioloa vegetation. Kioloa, NSW

Headland, Kioloa, NSW

Snapper Point headland near Kioloa, NSW. John at work. (Photograph: Bill Gilbert)

Kioloa vegetation. Kioloa, NSW. Blake at work

Kioloa vegetation. Kioloa, NSW

Kioloa Headland, NSW. Cedra at work

Pacific Ocean. Kioloa, NSW

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