Trip 2 – Jigamy Farm Craft Group

Monday 6 June  – We arrived at Jigamy Farm to a warm ‘welcome home’ from Ossie Cruse.

Image 1. (above) Heike Qualitz and Ossie Cruse outside Twofold Aboriginal Corporation

We then joined Sue Norman and the aboriginal women’s craft group who are currently reviving traditional craft practices such as shell work, stunning examples of which are on display in the display cases of the Cultural Centre at Jigamy.















Image 2. (above) Women’s craft group at Twofld Aboriginal Coorporation building, Jigamy Farm.

The group come together to share skills and ideas. Many of the women were making booties with shell work on the outside and fabric on the inside. Embedded in this making process was the strengthening of the women’s connection to the history of shell work in the area. 















Image 3. (above) Shell work by Mrs Beryl Cruse.



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